5 Guaranteed Ways To Boost Your Monthly Income

5 Guaranteed Ways To Boost Your Monthly Income

With the economic downturn in full swing and businesses collapsing on a daily basis, we’re all struggling to make ends meet. It’s no wonder that many people are looking for alternative sources of income. You may simply wish to increase your income to keep up with rising inflation and maintain your level of life, or you may require additional finances to take that dream vacation to the sun.

We’ll look at 5 alternative strategies to put a little extra money in your pocket in this article.

Get a roommate.

If you have a spare room in your house and are fortunate enough to own it, you might want to consider taking in a lodger. This is a traditional technique of supplementing your income because you are essentially paid to do nothing. It’s simple to rent out a room in your home because all you need to supply is a bed for your visitor. It goes without saying that all possible lodgers should be thoroughly vetted. You might be a winner if you do it correctly. Prepare a contract for your lodger that describes the projected monthly costs of renting your room as well as your terms and conditions, such as the length of notice required if your lodger wishes to leave.

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A parking spot

Nonetheless, in keeping with the property’s motif, you might choose to offer your drive as a parking spot. With car parks charging infamously high rates and local governments appearing to have a vendetta against all motor vehicles, your driveway may become rather profitable. For many of us, parking is a need, thus demand will always be high. There are a number of websites where you can register to advertise your space and begin earning money right away. Those who live near a station or town center are more likely to profit from this.

Yard/Car Boot Sales

Since the invention of the automobile, this means of making additional money has been a favorite of the common person. Your investment will be small; typically, your presentation will cost no more than $20. From the rear of your family hatchback, a car boot sale allows you to sell a variety of items and valuables.

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Yard sales are a terrific way to get some extra cash without having to load the car. Passing motorists and pedestrians may be interested in what you’re doing. Those who live near busy roadways are more likely to benefit from this.


Making and doing things yourself rather than buying them is one of the finest methods to save money and hence increase disposable income. Rather than hiring a cleaner, you can save a lot of money by cleaning your own car and house. If you have a job, you could consider making your own lunch instead of eating fast food or sandwiches. Making your own bread and fruit juices can help you save even more money. Squeezing some fruit and putting it in a glass is basic and straightforward. The only drawback to this money-saving method is the amount of time it takes. However, most of us waste numerous hours in front of the television or on Facebook, so making better use of your time might save you money.

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Work on the Internet

People are increasingly turning to the internet to supplement their income, and the chances are many. If you have a knack for writing, you may make a decent living by contributing to blogs or publications. You can test and review samples as a home panelist for select companies. You’ll get paid a modest fee and, in certain situations, you’ll get to keep the free sample!


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